Our Services
  1. Self-Assessment Tax Returns
    Filing an annual Tax Return remains a necessity for many. At ETS we look to simplify the process, taking away as much of the burden from you as possible.
  2. Capital Gains Tax Planning
    Are you considering selling something you own? If you are then you may be liable to Capital Gains Tax. At ETS we can advise you on how best to structure any such disposal in order to reduce, or possibly extinguish, the resulting tax liability.
  3. Inheritance Tax Returns
    If you are an executor the Probate and Inheritance Tax requirements are your responsibility. Many solicitors charge large fees to deal with these. At ETS we can prepare Inheritance Tax Returns at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Income Tax Planning
    We can advise you on how to mitigate your Income Tax liability, where possible. If planning opportunities are available we will look to identify these for you and help save you tax.
  5. Trust Tax Returns
    Although not a service provided by all accountancy firms, here at ETS we can prepare and complete Trust Tax Returns. This includes dealing with any repayment claims on behalf of the Trust's beneficiaries. We can also deal with the reporting of 10 year and exit charges.
  6. Inheritance Tax Planning
    If you are concerned about how much will be left to your loved ones then you may want to look at reducing the Inheritance Tax bill. Here at ETS we can advise you on ways to legitimately reduce the liability.
  7. Estate Tax Returns
    Many solicitors deal with the Probate and Inheritance Tax requirements of an Estate, however, not all deal with the tax during the administration period. At ETS can deal with this for you.
  8. Trust Tax Planning
    In addition to advising on Inheritance Tax Planning, we at ETS can advise you on the benefits of setting up a Trust. When used properly a Trust can be exceptionally tax efficient, saving not only Inheritance Tax but Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax too.
  9. Expatriate Tax
    If you have moved abroad you may still be liable to tax on income and gains arising in the UK. Here at ETS we can advise you on your position and deal with any reporting obligations required.